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Filing A Complaint Against A Social Worker

There are two ways to file a complaint against a Social Worker:

1)       If the Social Worker is a member of NASW and you believe he/she violated the Code of Ethics, you can request a Request for Professional Review (RPR).  This is a peer review process. Depending on the type of ethical violation the case will either go through mediation or adjudication.  Contact NASW, Office of Ethics and Professional Review, 1-800-638-8799, ext. 256, for instructions.  Or go to:

2)      If the Social Worker has a license, i.e. LBSW (licensed bachelor social worker), LSW (licensed social worker) or LCSW (licensed clinical social worker), OR if he/she is a government employee as a Social Worker, you may file a complaint through the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Contact the Regulated Industries Complaints Office Consumer Resource Center at 587-3222 (menu option #2). To call the Consumer Resource Center from the neighbor islands, dial 274-3141 from Kauai; 984-2400 from Maui; 974-4000 from the Big Island; and 1-800-468-4644 then 73222# from Molokai or Lanai.  Or go to:

Code of Ethics

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